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A breakdown on what dating is like for South Asians in Western Society

Dating is confusing as it is. Dating for young Indians in America(and other western countries) is particularly confusing because of the stigma that is imposed due to preconceived notions of western ideals about dating. One example is the emphasis on casual dating and premarital sex that are put into the head of NRI (non-resident Indian) elders because of the media

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College Stories from Teachers at Apex High School

College stories are always fun to hear. They are usually insightful and impactful, and sometimes they are downright, rolling-on-the-floor hilarious. They are even more fun when it’s a teacher telling them because the idea that they were once like us is mind-boggling. The idea that they also had embarrassing crushes, crazy roommates, sleepless nights with heavy textbooks and a concoction

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