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A breakdown on what dating is like for South Asians in Western Society

Dating is confusing as it is. Dating for young Indians in America(and other western countries) is particularly confusing because of the stigma that is imposed due to preconceived notions of western ideals about dating. One example is the emphasis on casual dating and premarital sex that are put into the head of NRI (non-resident Indian) elders because of the media

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College Stories from Teachers at Apex High School

College stories are always fun to hear. They are usually insightful and impactful, and sometimes they are downright, rolling-on-the-floor hilarious. They are even more fun when it’s a teacher telling them because the idea that they were once like us is mind-boggling. The idea that they also had embarrassing crushes, crazy roommates, sleepless nights with heavy textbooks and a concoction

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Swing Time by Zadie Smith: the Fantasia 2000 of books

Disney’s Fantasia 2000 is regarded with positive adjectives like brilliant, riveting, picturesque, enrapturing, etc. At the end of the day, we all know the movie can be quite boring. As an audience, we can appreciate the concept and understand that it’s cinematography is for those who appreciate the art aspect of films. Maybe it’s my inability to properly point out

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Why the ABLE Act accounts are so important

On Jan. 26, North Carolina’s legislation had passed the ABLE accounts under Senator Richard Burr for those with disabilities. The ABLE act essentially allows people with disabilities and their family to put away money into a tax-deferred account for expenses related to health and wellness, employment supports, education, housing, and other costs not covered by Medicaid.  In order to acquire

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