James and the Giant Peach was absolutely peachy

Between the stage and me were a mere four rows; I was up close and personal, absolutely ready to be mesmerized. All I could think was “this could be good for my eyes and terrible for my neck”, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make for a Raleigh Little Theater production. Raleigh Little Theater is known for their great productions, and I couldn’t imagine this one letting me down (and it didn’t). So there I was,incredibly excited, and so were the kids around me roughly around the ages five to ten. It was nice to see a generation who gets joy over viral videos of people doing bird-brained things taking it old-school and coming to see a classic play.

James and the Giant Peach is about an orphan child who is left to live with his dim-witted, money-greedy, cruel aunts. He one day finds an abnormally large peach and becomes friends with the eccentric creatures who live inside the fruit. The branch breaks one day, and the peach goes tumbling down resulting in James and his friends being lost in the middle of the ocean. The rest of the play chronicles them trying to get to safe land while floating in their giant peach.

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and enjoyed a play, but it’s been even longer since I’ve laughed like a child with no reservation. Maybe it was the gleeful, adorable giggling from the children sitting around me or the really amazing pasta I had before, but this play made my night because it made me forget about all my worries. It let me just enjoy the moment and laugh at the silly antics on stage. The actors were charismatic and funny as they fully enveloped into their characters. Aside from Ms. Levine playing Aunt Spiker with great talent, my other favorite character on stage was the Earthworm. He was cynical, sarcastic, self-deprecating, and witty much to the audience’s amusement. My favorite line would be when he is arguing with the Centipede, and he says the brilliant line, “I don’t slither; I glide.” The room burst into laughter. The minor characters were amazing as well.

It’s too bad that the show’s running ended on April 30th. Nevertheless, I want to applaud the cast, crew, and Raleigh Little Theater for putting on such productions to entertain the community. It is great to have such sophisticated art so local to us.

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