Trial and Error: NBC’s new mockumentary

The premise and the comparison to the hit show Parks and Recreation is what attracted me to the Trial and Error in the first place. I tried to keep my expectations low, so I wouldn’t be disappointed.
However, the overwhelming positive reviews weren’t helping my cause. Regardless, I threw caution to the wind, put my heart on the line, and watched the first episode of Trial and Error.

The storyline is essentially about a zany man named Larry Henderson who has been arrested for the murder of his wife and is being tried in court. The audience, at this point, doesn’t know if he has actually done it or not. Henderson’s family hires a lawyer from New York to handle the case, so Josh Segal comes to the small town in South Carolina. The rest of the episode (and I assume the rest of the season) captures the amusing trial with quirky characters and funny events that transpire.

The thing about this show is that it definitely has potential. The main character Josh Segal, played by Nick D’Agosto, is cute and has the presence to impress us. That being said, John Lithgow as Larry Henderson is hilarious and, in my opinion, stole the show. He was absolutely phenomenal. Lithgow was last seen playing the melancholy, aging Winston Churchhill on The Crown, and here, Lithgow makes a complete 180. I plan on keeping up with this show, and that is because of Lithgow’s on-par comedic timing. The rest of the cast also leaves a mark. Steven Boyer and Sherri Shepherd, who play the investigator and assistant to Josh respectively, had me laughing as well.

The first half of the episode was alright, but the second half was when it picked up momentum. It was then when I really started laughing. The plot was engaging and fast-paced. It wasn’t all that innovative in regards to dialogue or concept, but it was original enough for it to stand out in a show line-up. Overall, it’s a good show. I definitely see it having great success in the coming episodes (and hopefully seasons). I’m left wondering how they would continue to show past two or three seasons given its narrow storyline; I mean, a trial only goes on for so long. However, I’m going to let the producers decide that. On my part, I give Trial and Error two thumbs up and am excited to watch more.  

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