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Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder- Don’t Get Your Hopes Up Too High When Reading “BookTok” Books

TikTok, one of the leading apps in the world of social media, has a huge influence on every aspect of teenagers’ lives. Whether it is what clothes they should wear, music they listen to, and now, books they should read, teenangers will heed to whatever advice TikTok gives them.  The ‘for you’ page is a content-generated section of TikTok where popular videos

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Football Games Can Now Have Student Spectators

Governor Roy Cooper recently announced a new executive order that opens up high school sporting events to a thirty percent capacity.  Many athletes, parents, and students were thrilled by this decision.  Before this, only immediate family members of competing athletes were allowed to attend sporting events; moreover, these parents and siblings were not allowed to attend away games.  Many were

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Social Media: Does it Actually Help Kids ‘Socialize’? Or is it Making Gen-Z the Most Awkward Generation Yet?

Many people view social media as a positive addition to the social community.  It allows them to connect with long lost friends, relatives, and peers in a matter of seconds.  People are given the opportunity to know every detail of one’s life, but is there a point where all of these details become too much information? Generation Z doesn’t think

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