The New Prom: Special Event for Apex High Seniors

Once again, COVID-19 has taken away the ‘normal’ prom.  Many seniors were hopeful that a school dance would be possible, but sadly, it’s not yet a possibility. COVID-19 cases are still high, and having a prom would be a safety risk.  So, what is going to happen instead?

“Instead, each high school will host an event to safely celebrate graduating seniors and help to create memories that are an important part of the high school experience,” said the WCPSS school board.  Apex High, specifically, has partnered with the Town of Apex to create a special night for seniors.  This will be hosted on Friday, May 21st from 5-9 P.M. in Downton Apex.  Seniors (and their dates) only will be allowed to sign up for an hour time slot to attend.  During this hour, food and drinks will be served from local restaurants and food trucks, activities like photo booths and selfie stations will take place, party favors will be handed out, and most importantly: there will be lots of music to dance to! Seniors will dress up in prom attire and have the opportunity to partake in a night that they will always remember as being one of the best in their high school careers.  The week prior to this event, Apex will have a Spirit Week as well as multiple specials on prom-related purchases.

Sadly, juniors will not be able to attend “prom”, but next year is looking hopeful! While the future is uncertain, there is a good chance that next year, high schoolers will be able to have a typical prom.  Almost one-third  of the U.S. population has been vaccinated; hopefully this number will reach full capacity by spring of next year.  

In addition to this special event, schools will be able to host graduation ceremonies in their stadiums.  Apex High staff and students are elated to find out that a celebration for seniors will be possible.  In the meantime, make sure to stay safe and stay PEAK!

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