Football Games Can Now Have Student Spectators

Governor Roy Cooper recently announced a new executive order that opens up high school sporting events to a thirty percent capacity.  Many athletes, parents, and students were thrilled by this decision.  Before this, only immediate family members of competing athletes were allowed to attend sporting events; moreover, these parents and siblings were not allowed to attend away games.  Many were devastated by this heartbreaking, but necessary, decision.  High school athletes did not have anyone’s support from the stands at the away games.  They couldn’t hear the crowd cheer when they scored a long-awaited touchdown or made a game winning tackle.  However, the silence in the stands can finally end now. 

Shortly after Cooper’s announcement, Wake County Public School System released spectator protocols specifically for their schools.  This guidance allows a thirty percent capacity at high school sporting events and also allows families to attend away games.  

Apex High students will now be able to attend home football games.  On Wednesday, March 3rd,  an interest form was released in homeroom that allowed students to enter a ticket lottery for the games.  Since full capacity still is not allowed by the state, Apex High is selecting students who are interested in going to a home football game at random.  If selected, students will receive an email notifying them of which game they have been selected to attend, and a link to buy tickets.  If a student has a Cougar pass, their name gets put on a list of names that will be admitted into the game.  

If you filled out this interest form, make sure to check your email to see if you have been selected for a football game.  If you receive an email, you will need to self-screen prior to entry. Cheerleaders, band members, coaches, staff, and athletes will not be counted toward the thirty percent limit.  If you are spectating, make sure to bring a mask, keep it on, and socially distance yourself unless you are attending with immediate family.  It will be important to regularly sanitize or wash your hands at the game.  Students will not be allowed to linger after the game and must leave the stadium within five minutes.  Make sure to show your support for all of our hard-working athletes. Stay safe and stay PEAK, Cougars! 

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