An introduction to the Second Annual Holiday Poetry Slam

By: Kylie Radford

Poetry Slam. Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned on the intercom during the morning announcements and wondered, “What is that?” Well, look no further because I’m here to update you on everything you need to know.

The Holiday Poetry Slam is returning with full force this year after its debut last November. This is an event sponsored by Key Club, in which students present original poems to a panel of judges. Attendees each pay for a ticket, and the proceeds go to a select charity. Last year tickets were $5 and the funds went to The Triangle Leadership Center, which provides toys to children in need around the holidays. This year ticket price is predicted to be the same, and the money raised will be going to the Boys and Girls Club of Wake County. Last year the Poetry Slam helped to raise $950, and this year’s goal is $1,000. Pending Wake County approval, the Poetry Slam will be hosted in the auditorium.

All Apex High School students are welcome to attend and/or participate, no experience is required. Tyler Rosado, co-founder and host of the Poetry Slam, stated in an interview that the event is meant to “immerse people in poetry and give them a chance to write for fun, even if not they are not experienced.” At the end of the event, the judging panel gives each poem a score, and the top three contestants are announced. Last year the judges lineup consisted of Ms. McGee, Mr. House, and Ms. Dott. This year you can expect to see some of your favorite teachers, including non-English teachers.

The exact date for the Poetry Slam has yet to be announced, but is expected to take place in early November. Tyler encourages all Apex students to come to the event in support of the cause, but also to have a great time with your friends. “If you hear ‘Poetry Slam’ in the title and you immediately think ‘That’s boring’ or maybe you start to doze off, trust me that this event is really designed for the non-poet enthusiasts, and it’s really tailored to the every-day person and getting them involved in poetry in a way they’ve never been before.” So whether you are an English buff or have never written a poem, there’s a place for you at the Poetry Slam. I know I will be attending, and I hope to see you all there!

For anyone interested in participating, visit
Check out the website:
Follow on Instagram: @holidaypoetryslam

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