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An introduction to the Second Annual Holiday Poetry Slam

By: Kylie Radford Poetry Slam. Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned on the intercom during the morning announcements and wondered, “What is that?” Well, look no further because I’m here to update you on everything you need to know. The Holiday Poetry Slam is returning with full force this year after its debut last November. This is an event sponsored by

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In With the Old and In With the New: An overview of Ms. Overdiep and the Child Development Program

By: Kylie Radford and Shivani Handa Ms. Overdiep, aka “Ms. O”, is known to some as a softball extraordinaire. Others may know her as the JVB volleyball coach. Some may even know her as an Apex alumna. But to many students, Ms. Overdiep is a teacher. More specifically, the teacher of Child Development.  As a student at Apex High School,

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