Apex Prom Tickets for Sale Now!

Juniors and Seniors can purchase up to two tickets now!  You must have all permission forms and you and your guest will need to bring your ID to pick up your ticket.  A copy of an ID will work for out of town guests.  Guests from other schools need to have the guest form filled out and approved PRIOR to picking up your ticket.  All Apex High students can use the Student Permission Form.  Guests can be underclassmen at Apex High or from another school or college up to the age of 22.  Tickets are on sale now and you can pick up your tickets April 17th-April 20th!  There will be no tickets sold or picked up after April 20th!

Buy your tickets online with this link!

Don’t forget the forms!

Prom Terms and Conditions – Student Form

Prom Terms and Conditions – Guest Permission Form 2017

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