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The Story of Tobacco Usage

Tobacco has been evolutionized over the past two thousand years but for the worst. Native Americans would smoke the tobacco plant as celebration and tradition. Then European settlers came and traded with the natives. Now tobacco has been modified to different forms of use like chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even electronic cigarettes. Now tobacco is more addictive because

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Paddling for gold: Seattle’s Devon Adelman goes from White House to Special Olympics ambassador

From speaking to the United Nations and visiting the White House to talk about Down syndrome, to cheerleading and soccer, Devon Adelman has always risen to the occasion. Her next big goal: A stand-up paddle board gold medal at the Special Olympics USA When Seattle’s Devon Adelman gets on her paddle board during the Special Olympics USA Games on Monday,

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Disablility History and Awareness Month

During the month of October, the Wake County Public School System is highlighting the talents, strengths, and outstanding abilities of those with special needs for teachers and students. Find more information on the WCPSS website. Below is an article from National Geographic. The story speaks about the amazing artistic abilities of Stephen Wiltshire. Read more on his story below. Today, Stephen

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