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sPEAKing up

Greta Thunberg is one of the youngest and strongest activists of our time. She has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the Time’s Person of the Year. She had led millions of people around the world and has protested in 150 countries. She has changed the discussion on climate change. There have been many youth movements going on around

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The History of the Holidays

The holiday season has finally arrived! Year after year, millions of people prepare for what might be seen as the happiest time of the year. Although there are many holidays throughout the year, there is something special about this time of year that excites people all around the world. With so much excitement it’s pretty hard not to get into

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The Case for Public Transportation

  The Case for Guaranteed Federal Public Transit Spending An open letter to North Carolina’s Congressional Representatives:  The American Public Transit system is dwarfed and stunted due to years of  underfunding and unpredictable funding. The U.S lags behind many other developed nations in ridership and access. Consistent, guaranteed government support of nationwide city transit systems would have numerous economic, safety,

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