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How all students might return back in person completely.

Many students have already returned to school in person via cohorts. Doing a rotation every week, for every three weeks. With fourth and fifth graders going back March 15th, they are making progress with getting students back into in person learning. They want to allow most high school and middle school students to finish school in person completely. There’s been

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What Makes Clubs and After School Activities so Important to the High School Experience?

High school is a place where teenagers are discovering who they are and what interests them. Clubs and other after school activities, like drama and athletics, are important to this discovery process. During school hours, students take the classes they are required to take and only really get to talk to friends and people with similar interests at lunch or

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Beginners Guide to Crystals

One of the greatest symptoms of a year-long global pandemic is the growing rates of anxiety and stress in the population. The tribulations of living through a pandemic have sent many looking for solutions to remedy their constant concerns. One indicator of this has been a significant increase in the sale of semi-precious stones otherwise known as crystals. Many have

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Astrology 101

Chances are, you’ve stumbled across a horoscope or other ecological information before. Sometimes it can seem impossible to understand. As it is such a complex system with a seemingly infinitive amount of information, it can be hard to figure out where to start. This guide will cover the basics you need to understand your sign better! To better understand your

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Remembering Sojourner Truth This Women’s History Month

During Women’s History Month, possibly one of the most impactful women in history, Sojourner Truth is honored and recognized for her significant achievements we see the effect of today.  Truth, most known for her work in the nineteenth century as an outspoken civil and women’s rights activist as well as an advocate of abolition and temperance, was born in Ulster

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