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Why are colleges waiving the SAT/ACT?

SAT/ACT requirements were waived for students due to the Coronavirus pandemic starting in 2020. Some colleges continue to waive the SAT/ACT requirements, but is the trend here to stay? As a result of COVID-19, the academic landscape changed. In the spring semester of 2020, to maintain educational continuity, classes were held online after the initial outbreak of COVID-19. The requirement

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What is AOIT?

Did you know that Apex High School has an Academy within the school? It’s called Academy of Information Technology, or AOIT. AOIT is a career academy in the Wake County Public School System, one of over twenty career academies in Wake County high schools. As the name implies, the focus of AOIT is information technology with two pathways: Applications and

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The Results are In: Most Popular Lunch Options for Apex High School students

An Apex High School student expressed what is essentially a universal sentiment among students: “I definitely enjoy eating out rather than the courtyard or cafeteria.”-Bailey Pierce, AHS student. While there are many different lunch options close to the AHS campus, what seems to be the most popular?  We surveyed students. They were given a choice of thirteen different restaurants or

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