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2022 Winter Dance Concert

On Wednesday, December 7 and Thursday, December 8, 2022, Apex Dance will put on their second annual winter concert. The concert will feature dozens of Apex students taking dance classes this semester. Dances of various styles will be performed, from modern to jazz and everything in between. Audience members will view group pieces, solos, and more choreographed by dance director

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Sophomores are Taking the PreACT

This Friday, November 18, 2022, all sophomores at Apex High School will take the PreACT. Many universities and colleges require students to submit their ACT and/or SAT test scores. Although, since the COVID-19 pandemic many schools have stopped requiring the scores, students are still strongly encouraged to take these tests. The PreACT is designed to prepare students for the ACT

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October since 1985 millions of people, including politicians, professional athletes, and other public figures, wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year breast cancer claims the lives of roughly forty-two thousand women and five hundred men. Breast Cancer Awareness Month’s goal is to provide support to those fighting their battles with breast cancer, celebrate survivors, and

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Behind the Scenes of CougarTV

In 2015 Coach Paul Lockwood began Apex High’s beloved student broadcast news, entitled CougarTV, was created. For the last seven years, students at Apex have joined the CougarTV crew through the Cultural Media Literacy class. They have written, filmed, and edited informative and fun videos for students to enjoy each week. All students watch the latest CougarTV episode in Cougar

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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Impacts of Mental Health on Teens

Most people know September as the start of a new school year, the beginning of autumn, or the month of Labor Day, but what most people may not know is that September has been National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM) since 2008. Suicide is obviously a sensitive, tragic topic, but it impacts millions of people around the world, so prevention

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Spring 2022 Final Exams

Final exams are just around the corner as the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close.  Exam week will be June 6 through June 10. On Monday all students will take their exam for their first period class, Tuesday second period, Wednesday third period, Thursday fourth period, and Friday will be all make-up exams.  Students should bring their school-issued Chromebook

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