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Electronic Liquid Inhalation Devices

An electronic liquid inhalation device, more commonly known as a vape, is recognized as an alternative form of smoking. As vapes come in many different styles, these alternative gadgets used for smoking are beginning an uprise across the nation.  Although tobacco products are still present and being sold, electronic smoking may have the potential to cause the tobacco industry to

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The Dread After Graduation

Fourteen years, beginning as young as just four years old, is the average amount of time people spend in their lives inside of school. Schools teach their students a variety of subjects from language arts to mathematics, and students gain basic knowledge to help them be successful in life. Skills such as spelling, reading, writing, counting, and even time management

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Meet Coach Morton!

Interview Part 1 Interview Part 2 Q: Where are you from? A: “Apex. Right down the road from here.” Q: Are you married, or do you have any kids? A: “I am married, and my wife teaches at Athens Drive. No kids, we have a four legged, a little dog. That’s our kid.” Q:What were you doing before you were

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