AHS Takes on the NC State Fair

This year, the North Carolina State Fair is taking place from October 13-23 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. Each year, the NC State Fair attracts thousands of people from all across the state. The ten-day event most primarily features carnival games, carnival rides, and food stands as well as other attractions. This year, the State Fair welcomes new vendors with many fun new foods to try. You can read more about these new additions here. The State Fair also returns with ninety-seven rides. 

In only ten days, the NC State Fair often attracts over a million visitors. The State Fair was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and numbers have remained low since; however, with mask mandates and other pandemic protocols finally dwindling in North Carolina, the State Fair is back and booming. Many Apex High School students have enjoyed the State Fair for many years and are glad to see its return. Let’s see what our staff and student body are most excited for at the fair this year.

Out of thirty-five students interviewed, eleven AHS students stated that their favorite fair food was deep fried Oreos. The second most popular food was funnel cake with ten students. Four students stated that candy/caramel apples were their favorite, and two students said that they liked the lemonade. AHS student Evelyn Stubbs noted that she liked the lemonade, but enjoyed the lemonade slushies even more.

In addition to these popular fair favorite foods, some students had a more unique taste. James Watson said that his favorite food at the fair is the Bloomin’ Onion. Elle Sorensen explained that she is a fan of the corn dogs, and Caitlyn Chaney explained that she is a fan of the turkey legs. On the sweeter side, Abby McMillen noted that she has always enjoyed the giant gummy bears. In terms of all the fried foods, Grayson Staley expressed his love for fried PB&J while Emily CW expressed her love for fried pickles, and Lena Hamad expressed her love for deep fried Reese’s.

Out of fourteen interviewed students, the most popular fair ride was the Ferris Wheel, which four students claimed to be their favorite. Additionally, two students shared that their favorite ride was the Ring of Fire. Abby Platts explained that she enjoys the Rockstar Ride while Indira Tirumanadham explained that she enjoys the Hamster Balls. Erik Studer’s favorite ride is the Starship, and Jordan Quinn’s favorite ride is The Zipper. Piper Winters also enjoys The Dropper and the pirate ship ride. On the more relaxed side, Andrea Moreno stated that her favorite fair ride is the swings, and Malik Hamad stated that his favorite ride is the ski lift. Furthermore, Ethan Payne noted that he likes the big roller coasters, and Nate Molden noted that he likes the alien ride. Lastly, Liana Killingsworth explained that she enjoys the spinning tea cups, more specifically, the ones you spin yourself.

In terms of games at the fair, two students stated that their favorite game was basketball. Logan Walker explained that he enjoys the water gun race game, and Felipe Martinez explained that he enjoys the alien game. Maryam Mari noted that she likes the ring toss as well as any of the games where you can win a fish. Funny enough, Nicolette Tandradinata explained that her favorite game at the fair was watching couples win the prizes.

Just like the students, the AHS staff had their own opinions about their fair food favorites. Out of seventeen staff members, three claimed that deep fried Oreos were their favorite, and three more claimed that Howling Cow ice cream was their favorite. Additionally, two staff members stated that cotton candy was their favorite while two others stated that street corn was their favorite. Similarly to the students, Mr. Brown noted that he enjoys the turkey legs, and Ms. Stevenson noted that she enjoys the candy apples. Ms. Ridder likes both the funnel cake and Korean corn dogs. Some teachers also had a more unique taste: Mr. Zies’s favorite fair foods are Al’s Fries and the tri tip sandwich while Ms. Livshin’s favorite is Fry Me to the Moon, and Ms. Gonzalez’s favorite is kettle corn. Mr. Frederick also added that his favorite fair food is the donut hole bites dipped in Cheerwine sauce.

In terms of rides, many AHS staff explained that they were not a fan of the rides, on the basis that they may not be safe. Despite this opinion, a few teachers chose to share their favorites. Two teachers noted that their favorite fair ride was the swings. Mr. Ferguson stated that he enjoys the Ferris wheel, specifically at night, and Mr. Bailey has been outspoken about his love for The Zipper. Ms. Feingertz explained that she enjoys the Tilt-a-whirl, and Ms. Gonzalez explained that she enjoys The Claw.

In addition to sharing their favorite rides, many AHS staff shared their favorite fair games. Two teachers noted that their favorite fair game is the water gun race game. Ms. Hofmann’s favorite fair game is Whack-a-mole, and Ms. Dott’s favorite game is skeeball. Mr. Zies enjoys the basketball game, and Ms. Ridder enjoys the darts balloon pop game. Additionally, Ms. Andrews enjoys the goldfish game, and Mr. Frederick enjoys the target bucket game.target-bucket throwing game.

In terms of other attractions and activities, the NC State Fair also features many animal events, including horse and pig races, horse riding competitions, and animal zoos. Mr. Oltmans stated that his favorite part of the fair is the horses, specifically the Percheron. In addition to animals, there are also tractor pulling competitions, art exhibits, and shops to explore.

Surprisingly enough, while many students and staff had fair favorites to share, a significant number had not been recently enough to remember it or had not been at all. The State Fair is a great place to go with your family and friends, and it only happens once a year. Make sure you get your tickets and check it out before it ends on Sunday!

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