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Arnav Nanda and Owen Chitester Win Conrad Challenge

By: Hadi Rahim and Jessica Hudnut Space exploration is seen by many as humanity’s next step into the future, but there are many obstacles that humans have yet to overcome in order to conquer the final frontier. These obstacles include finding ways to travel through space quickly, efficiently establishing life on other planets, and making space travel more affordable.  There

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Let Us Sleep!

By: Hadi Rahim and Jessica Hudnut Every morning, Rose Andrews wakes up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready for school. She feels exhausted throughout the school day and struggles to focus in class. At Apex High School, where classes start at 7:25 a.m., many students report similar problems, all connected by a common problem: not enough sleep.  Early start times

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Opinion: In an Effort to Prevent Discrimination in North Carolina’s Public Schools, HB 324 Does the Opposite

On May 12th, HB 324 passed the North Carolina House of Representatives 66-48. The bill, titled “Ensuring Dignity & Nondiscrimination/Schools,” is a proposed amendment to Article 8 of Chapter 115C of the General Statutes that would add a section restricting the ability of students and teachers to discuss issues relating to race and gender in the classroom. It takes aim

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Apex High School’s GSA Returns After COVID-19 Hiatus

On April 20th, the Apex High chapter of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, held their first meeting since March of 2020. While most of Apex High’s clubs have been able to meet virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, the GSA had been inactive throughout most of the 2020-2021 school year. GSAs are student-run organizations that aim to build community among LGBTQ+

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Opinion: Senate Bill 514 and the Attack on Transgender Youth

On April 5th, a bill referred to as the “Youth Health Protection Act” was introduced in the North Carolina Senate. The bill proposed legislation that if enacted, would bar doctors from providing gender-affirming care, including puberty blockers, hormone treatment, and surgery to anyone under the age of 21. This bill was the latest in a string of attacks targeted at

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