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Hacking Incident at Enloe and the Rise of Antisemitism in the United States

On Thursday, December 16, an Enloe Magnet High School student hacked into the school’s intercom system, allegedly making antisemitic remarks and threatening U.S. President Joe Biden. Although the identity of the student and exact content of the message are unclear, Principal Jackie Jordan reported in a message to Enloe families that the individual responsible was identified and will face appropriate

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Spotlight: Political Club

Over the last two years, Apex High School’s Political Club has seen substantial growth and established a solid presence in the school community. While the club has existed for several years, it previously operated mostly within its own niche. Under new leadership, however, it has gained significant exposure and popularity on campus. During meetings, students discuss current events, policy, and

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Opinion: It’s Time to Give The Hunger Games a Second Chance

We all remember what it felt like to be a preteen. Everybody’s story is different, but if you’re anything like me, you remember being filled with angst because nobody really understood you. How dare these adults try to tell us what to do, as if they knew more than us or something? Completely unfair. Fortunately, I entered this tumultuous part

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Meet Mr. Watson!

A new school year is in full swing at Apex High. For some students and staff, this means returning to school after a much-needed summer vacation. For others, it means getting acclimated to a brand-new school. Apex High is welcoming several new teachers this year across the various programs available to students. Joining the art program this year is Mr.

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Prom Review 2022

By: Jessica Hudnut and Hadi Rahim On May 13, 2022, Apex High School hosted its first true prom since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 750 students gathered at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel to celebrate the 2021-2022 school year coming to a close. In keeping with this year’s theme, the ballroom was transformed into an enchanted forest for the

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Arnav Nanda and Owen Chitester Win Conrad Challenge

By: Hadi Rahim and Jessica Hudnut Space exploration is seen by many as humanity’s next step into the future, but there are many obstacles that humans have yet to overcome in order to conquer the final frontier. These obstacles include finding ways to travel through space quickly, efficiently establishing life on other planets, and making space travel more affordable.  There

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