Medieval Fantasy: Pop-Up Art Show at Apex High

On Wednesday, May 17, Apex High School’s self-directed Studio Art class will be hosting a pop-up art show in the courtyard during both lunches. The theme of the show, chosen by the Studio Art students, will be “Medieval Fantasy,” and each artist will offer their own interpretation of this theme. 

In addition to showcasing the work of the Studio Art students, the show will provide Apex High School students with an opportunity to engage with the arts program through a variety of interactive and non-interactive pieces. 

The event, which was organized by the students, aims to represent Apex High’s Visual Arts program and encourage more students to get involved. Tes Sanni, one of the students organizing the show, hopes it will show students that art can be fun and doesn’t have to be just one thing. JJ Harrell, another student involved in the show, is excited for the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

The Art Show joins a variety of other end-of-year activities for students to enjoy as they wind down from AP exams. Students who stop by will have the opportunity to see each artist’s interpretation of the theme in their own unique style.

It also provides an opportunity for the student body to support Apex High’s Visual Arts program. Student art programs are a valuable asset to providing young people with a creative outlet and allowing them to develop an artistic voice before committing to a field of study.

With such a wide range of styles and media, the Studio Art Show is sure to have something for everyone. Those interested in seeing what the program has to offer should stop by the courtyard during either lunch on May 17.

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