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What is Indoor Track and Field?

When most people hear the term “track and field”, they would probably think of some very well-known Olympians like Usain Bolt or running very fast in general. This would fall under the category of outdoor track and field. Apex High School has two seasons of track and field: outdoor and indoor track and field. If indoor track and field doesn’t

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Who is BTS?

Who is BTS? Two years ago, not as many people could have answered that question than they could have today. Today, BTS has a ginormous fan base around the world. BTS is a South Korean band that has exploded in popularity in the last two years; they debuted on June 13th, 2013 with their single album 2 cool 4 Skool,

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Fear Farms?

Love horror and the rush of adrenaline from jump-scares that come with no warning? Fear farms might be just for you! From corn mazes to haunted mansion walks, fear farms have many attractions to give people freights. With October, the month in the year with Halloween, comes what lots of people love, fear farms. Some fear farms tend to open

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