Fear Farms?

Love horror and the rush of adrenaline from jump-scares that come with no warning? Fear farms might be just for you! From corn mazes to haunted mansion walks, fear farms have many attractions to give people freights.

With October, the month in the year with Halloween, comes what lots of people love, fear farms. Some fear farms tend to open up in late Sept. and run through Halloween, being the busiest the weekends closest to Halloween, so getting there earlier in the month is definitely recommended. Fear farms can be found across the country, and all have their own spooks. But according to Anna Boyette, owner of Clayton Fear Farm in Clayton, the attractions aren’t what make the farm scary “but how afraid you are of certain things.”

But what is fear? There are many variances of fear that can be caused by occurrences around oneself. Whether it’s from a horror movie or a friend’s prank or even a test result, fear can come in multiple forms. By definition, fear is the emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function as well as in behavior. However, some people enjoy the rush of being scared, and if you’re that kind of person, then going to a fear farm is right up your alley!

A popular fear farm nearby that is frequently visited is Clayton Fear Farm, owned by the Boyettes. While they have more family friendly attractions in the daytime, this fear farm has seven attractions shown at night that are said to not be for the faint of heart, including a dark corn maze, a scary schoolhouse, a slaughterhouse, and even a trip to the black hole abyss. They also offer new horror features every year in the several number of haunted houses on the farm. Another nearby farm is Phillips farm, which has more family-friendly attractions closer to Apex High School than Clayton, great for younger siblings! But they, too, have their own haunted farm attractions, which include the Field of Lost Souls , the Rebellion Trail, the Gore House, and Big Top Terror. So go on out with some some friends and have fun!

Still not sure if you should check one out or not? Here are the two nearby fear farm addresses with the websites to further investigate! Happy Spooky Season!

Clayton Fear Farm: https://claytonfearfarm.com/attractions/

Address: 1620 Loop Rd, Clayton, NC 27527

Phillips Farm of Cary: http://phillipsfarmsofcary.com/haunted-farm/

Address: 6701 Good Hope Church Rd, Cary, NC, 27519

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