Best Spring Break Experience in North Carolina

Spring break is just around the corner, and it is time to get ready for a nice vacation away from the stress of school. This is a week that everyone can take advantage of. Students don’t have to worry about homework, tests, and quizzes. Teachers can take some time off of work. Even parents don’t have to worry about their child stressing about school. With only a week off, people might think they are not able to go somewhere nice. Yet, it is very possible to have an activity filled week just in our state: from the mountains, to the Piedmont, all the way to the ocean. There is a variety of areas to go visit within seven days. North Carolina has an assortment of places to take your family this spring break.

The variety of cool colors of the mountains and sky blend together in a nice, relaxing, and calming effect. The horizon then gently brings your eyes down to the earth. The surface is covered with bright green leaves that flourish off the strong trees. The mountain region of North Carolina is filled with many beautiful sites. North Carolina’s most touristy location is the Great Smoky Mountains. This is a manageable five-hour drive from Apex. For a shorter car ride, the Blue Ridge Parkway is only three hours away, which is another area that is full of beautiful scenery. There is a range of ways to spend the night. You can camp out in a tent, park an RV, or stay in a cabin. There are many charming towns that can be found in the valleys of the mountains like Cherokee.

The Piedmont is a great transition from the mountains to the beach. Apex is located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. There is a range of attractions from zoos and farms in the country to progressive cities like Raleigh and Charlotte. There is also many geographic attractions. Lakes are great to camp at for a week. Jordan Lake is only twenty minutes away from Apex by car. There are 182 campsites that you can bring a tent to or an RV. This is a man-made lake that has beaches for swimming; they allow fishing and boating. There is a little of something for everyone.

Spring Break is the best time to visit the beach. The temperature is not too hot or too cold; it is at a perfect level for swimming and relaxing. In North Carolina there is a strip of land that is connected to the mainland by one end and outlines the state. This is called the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks extends from the Emerald Isle to Knotts island; this is from the Georgia state line to the Virginia state line. There are many campsites and hotels to stay at. There are also places that can be rented for the week like an Airbnb. If you are looking for some fun in the sun than the North Carolina beaches is the places to be.

There is no way to be bored this Spring Break with the variety of options to go tranquilize and have fun: from the tall and tenacious mountains, to the diverse cities and farms of the Piedmont, all the way to the sea breeze from the ocean. North Carolina is the state to live in for Spring Break.

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