the record: The Review

On March 31st, supergroup Boygenius released their debut full length album, the record. The group consists of the solo artists Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, who formed the group after deciding to record a few songs after finding out that they were on a triple bill. When recording, they all formed a very strong bond with each other and have been best friends since. The album is twelve songs long, with the first three songs released as singles in January on the day of the announcement and the fourth released in March. 

The record’s first singles “$20”, Emily I’m Sorry”, and “True Blue”, were released in January, dropping as soon as the band made their announcement of the album. Each song has a member of the band leading on the song, and each tells a story played out in their long music video, the film, released on March 31st as well, and directed by Kirsten Stewart. Their fourth single, “Not Strong Enough”, also was accompanied by a video self-directed, following the bandmates on a day out. The rest of the album, with songs like “Cool About It” and an acapella song “Without You Without Them”, fall in line with their distinct style while also offering something new for the fans. 

The record received praise on almost all major music review platforms, like Pitchfork and The Rolling Stone. Recently, they were reposted by Taylor Swift, and they have been getting more praise from new fans finding their music. It is a recommended listen to anyone looking for new music as well as all the artists’ solo projects.

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