Podcasts at the Peak

Podcasts are an often less discussed aspect when it comes to listening habits. They can be equally, if not more, impactful than music itself when heard, even as it’s talked about less. The genre’s range far and wide, too, from self help and educational topics to more fictitious narratives, comedy talks, and even stories of true crime. Many people tune into these on days where music might not hit just right, and conveniently, music streaming services are the sources for many podcasts to be uploaded to. Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon all supply them. 

When asked and polled, a large number of students actually do listen to podcasts, with a majority being either true crime or comedy. Teachers, on the other hand, listen as well but to more educational podcasts (not without being entertaining, though). Shows that list off top tens, or interesting facts and stories that aren’t covered much by mainstream media. Also, on the border of podcasts, Audiobooks. Spotify also carries those as well, and they were a popular answer to the question of what is popularly listened to.

There are great benefits to be reaped by listening to podcasts, from learning new information to entertaining yourself with laughs. As of now, only 25% of users listen to podcasts on Spotify and even lower percentage on other platforms. Join the small percentage of users who do utilize the platform, and see how listening to podcasts could affect you!

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