Apex High School’s IMMERSE

Do you have plans for March 22 and 23? Well, now you do! The Apex High School Dance Program is hosting its second annual completely student-choreographed dance concert. At 7 P.M., on Wednesday and Thursday at the Apex High School Auditorium, IMMERSE is a culmination of student choreography at Apex High School and beyond, with guest performances of other student-choreographed pieces from Green Level High School’s Dance Department.

IMMERSE is a unique show hosted by the Apex High School Dance Program as anyone from the school can create a piece for the stage. Students have complete control over the song, choreography, costume, lighting, and more! Students have been working on their pieces since the beginning of February, kicking off a month and a half of lunch and after-school rehearsals. 

Seniors from the Apex Dance Company step into the role of a teacher in the audition, choreography, and rehearsal process for a large group piece of entirely their creation. The Apex Dance Company has seven seniors this year, and their pieces are divided among the two nights of shows. Honors Ensemble Seniors also have the opportunity to collaborate and set a piece on the rest of their Honors Ensemble Class in a guest-artist style of teaching. 

Each night of IMMERSE will be completely different as its composition of pieces varies from Wednesday to Thursday. IMMERSE has a unique aspect of audience participation, in which each audience member is invited to circle two dances that stood out to them to re-perform at the Apex High School Spring Dance Concert on May 18th!

We’d love to see some Cougars supporting such an inclusive and student-oriented production!

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