Day In the life of a CTE Teacher

By: Emma Riddick

Today I am here with Mrs. Caudill, and this is a day in her life! Caudill usually wakes up at 5:00am and starts her day by getting dressed and ready for school. She packs her lunch and eats breakfast. Then she goes to wake her daughter up, and she finishes getting ready. For breakfast she usually eats zucchini bread or a bagel with an egg on it.  She gets to school around 6:45 and starts preparing for her first period class, which is Adobe Visual Design. The second class she teaches during her day is also Adobe Visual Design. For lunch Mrs. Caudill hangs out with her best teacher friend Ms. Robinson, and they work on puzzles together. Her lunch consists of leftovers, sandwiches, chicken salad etc. Next is her planning period where she grades assignments and plans for her classes. The last class she teaches is Adobe Visual Design but the AOIT sophomore class. 

Caudill stays at school between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm. As soon as she gets home from school, she puts comfy clothes on and starts cooking dinner. After the Caudill family eats dinner, she then drives her daughter to soccer practice. During soccer practice Mrs. Caudill walks, talks to people, answers emails, and makes phone calls. Sometimes before bed she likes to read or watch a show. She does her night time routine and gets ready for bed. 

Mrs Caudill loves teaching at Apex and loves her students and friends. Thanks, Mrs Caudill, for being an amazing teacher here at the Peak!

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