Crafting for Change: Apex High School’s Newest Club

Late fall last year, Apex High School welcomed Crafting for Change, a new club, into their roster of varying clubs. The president of the club, student Darcy Schueler, strived to make a club that welcomed all to come and craft for a change as the name implies. The club meets every other Wednesday and supports many different organizations by hosting meetings where designated crafts are made for donation to their coordinating organizations. 

Commonly, Crafting for Change club has aided organizations that help animals in the past. Early meetings of the club had activities such as creating small cat toys and souffle mats to be donated to shelters around North Carolina. Other past activities have included an instructive course in crocheting with the ultimate goal for members to create patches and squares to be donated to an organization that stitches them together for quilts for the homeless. 

The club has had very few meetings as of now and hopes to expand more as the membership grows and further activities are planned. The club runs often to around 4:00 and is sponsored by the art teacher Mr. Ferguson. “Crafting for Change club is a really fun club where anyone can come by and learn different skills for making things. We just finished a project for Second Chance Animal Rescue, and right now our club is making crochet squares and rectangles for Warming up America. Basically, our goals are to support different non-profit organizations that we care about while also teaching and learning fun new skills and providing the resources to do so” says the president and founder of the club, Darcy Schueler. 

The club is soon to have a running Instagram and is still welcoming all new members. Stop by and have some fun!

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