2022 Winter Dance Concert

On Wednesday, December 7 and Thursday, December 8, 2022, Apex Dance will put on their second annual winter concert. The concert will feature dozens of Apex students taking dance classes this semester. Dances of various styles will be performed, from modern to jazz and everything in between. Audience members will view group pieces, solos, and more choreographed by dance director Mrs. Caroline Brady, various guest artists, and even the students themselves.

Senior Anna Hulse of the Apex Dance Company (ADC) will be performing in four dances: a solo, a small group, a piece choreographed by a guest artist, and two choreographed by Mrs. Brady. The dances have been developing for quite some time now. Anna’s jazz piece “Singing with the Swing” has been in the works for over a month whereas her modern piece “Older>younger” was started only a few weeks ago. Anna says, “My favorite memory so far has been dancing in the [Apex] Christmas Parade, being parade captain, and also just becoming so close with my team.”

Luna Cadenas is a sophomore in ADC. She will be performing in four dances for the winter concert. Luna says, “I choreographed some pieces in large groups and me and another dancer [choreographed] the ‘Euphoria’ small group piece.” Luna has really enjoyed learning from guest choreographers because the company gets the opportunity to learn from professional performers. 

Senior Miranda Corsetti, from ADC, has been preparing for the show for about two months. She will be performing in five dances including a self-choreographed solo and a small group performance that she helped choreograph. Her favorite memory from ADC so far was “having Chris Nieto come in and do a promo photoshoot.”

Senior ADC dancer Amber Wilson will be in five dances. Amber says, “I self-choreographed a solo and choreographed a small group in coalition with some of my ADC teammates.” She has been preparing her dances since October. Her favorite memory was having guest artist Brooke Averette share her expertise in dance class. 

Apex Dance will have two shows for the winter concert. Wednesday, December 6 at  P.M. The show will be free for all students and $5 for other audience members over eighteen years of age. This show will only feature solos from ADC dancers. The second show will be Thursday, December 8 at 7 P.M.. This show costs $5 for students and $10 for other audience members over eighteen years of age. Tickets can be purchased through Venmo; for more information, visit Apex Dance’s Instagram.

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