Look at the Lights!

This holiday season is coming up quickly, and a great way to spend it is looking at decorated places lit up in lights. There are many places in Wake County, some a little bit farther than others, but they’re worth the drive. Some places in Cary and Apex that do these lights are the Holt Road Christmas lights, the North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival, and many others. Some that are a little farther but still extravagant are Meadow in Benson NC, Lu Mil Festival of Lights in Elizabethtown, NC, and the Magic of Lights in Raleigh, NC. 

The Holt Road Christmas Lights is a beautiful place to see; the mansion has lights set up on acres of land spread over multiple properties. There is an array of colored lights spread across the land.  You are able to drive through and tour the lights on the properties. This experience is free and lasts from six to eight P.M. and past eight on weekends. The drive-through these lights is free, too! This is a very cool thing to go and experience with your family and friends. 

The North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival is a great place to go with your family or friends. This Festival lasts from November 18th to January 8th. It is a walk through event and takes around an hour to walk through the whole place. There are hundreds of lit up lanterns from dragons to walk through tunnels. Tickets range from $11- $35, and you are able to choose specific dates or any night.  It is a cool, fun holiday experience that anyone can enjoy. 

Another place with festive lights is Meadow Lights in Benson, NC. It’s a bit far but very much worth the drive. Not only is there a drive-through light show but a place to see Santa, a candy shop, train rides and carousels and concessions. To drive through and see the lights is free, but to ride the train and carousel it costs $3 and $8 to take a picture with Santa. It can be an enjoyable experience for everyone included. 

There are many other light shows in Cary and Apex as well as places farther than that. Some of the light shows have their own radio station to tune in to that the lights are synced with and flash to. Some like the Meadow Lights have other places to visit before or after the lights, like candy shops and taking pictures with Santa. These holiday light shows are a great way to spend time with family and friends and are an enjoyable way to spend the holidays.

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