Good Things Happening In The World

As we all know, there is a lot going on in the world right now. As humans we tend to focus on the negative, and I want to change that, even if it is for one article. As students and teachers, I know that we can all be incredibly busy during the holiday season, so we are not always on top of what’s going on in the world. Here’s a small recap of some good things happening right now:

Ukraine and Russian war:

This war has been going on for nearly a year, and I’m sure that citizens of both Russia and Ukraine are getting tired of fighting. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that the fighting has been increasingly difficult in the past few weeks. This makes me thankful that the US is doing something to help by signing over 53 Million dollars to get Ukraine’s electricity back up after it had been severely damaged by Russia. “President Joe Biden has requested $37 billion in new aid for Ukraine next year. Over the past year, Congress has approved approximately $68 billion in aid.” stated Christina Wilkie from CNBC  News. I’m so happy that the US has been able to assist Ukraine in beating the Russian army. Hopefully the war will be over soon.

Climate change

Many people that write or put anything into the universe about climate change tend to think that the scare tactic works the best.  They’ll talk about how the world is dying, and we only have so much time  to take action before we die and so on and so forth. Fortunately, facts prove otherwise. We are not running out of time, we are not all going to die, and many researchers say that using the scare tactic is starting to backfire. Many people begin to think that it’s “too late” to help the Earth and give up. One great website that is helping to fight this new eco-anxiety is “Euronews”. They have so many amazing stories on their website about how people and organizations around the world have been putting in the effort to fight climate change and how it’s actually working. For example, Australia found a way to remove toxic chemicals from rainwater that we all thought would be stuck forever and how “according to new research, egg whites can remove salt and microplastics from seawater with 98 percent and 99 percent efficiency respectively.”

Lost Cat Found in Charlotte NC

To end this article off on a more wholesome and close-to- home note, I’d like to share a dear family friend’s story on how her barn cat ran away and how they got him back home.

On November 10th, 2022, Carol Mejia went to Carolina Horse Park k with some of her students to compete in a horse show. When they got to the event and opened up the trailer, they realized that one of their barn cats, Opie, had snuck into the trailer that morning and came along for the ride.They kept Opie in the trailer and kept a close eye on him all day before locking him in for the night. Right before they went to sleep, they double checked to make sure the doors were locked and Opie was safe in the trailer. The next morning Opie was gone. Nobody knew how the window got opened or how Opie escaped as Carol and the group that went to the show with her could confirm that it was closed when they locked up for the night. A “Find Opie” Facebook group was made, and there must have been (my estimation) nearly one hundred people looking for the little guy. All local shelters had been notified, posts had been made on almost every NC group on Facebook, and many cat people had set out in groups to find the cat. Everyone had a big scare when one lady messaged Carol that she had found a cat on the road that matched Opie’s description that had been hit by a car and was no longer alive or able to be recognized. Thankfully, when the dead cat was scanned, the chip didn’t work so they kept it in the freezer while they continued to search for Opie in hopes that he was not the cat they had just found.  After nineteen days of searching, Opie was found on the evening of November 29 ,2022 three and a half miles away from the showgrounds by a kind lady and is happy to be home! Carol and her family gave what they called “The Freezer Kitty” a proper burial. 

I have all of the articles that I found this good news and Carol’s article about Opie’s adventure in this article. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!



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