Why Do We Have So Many Days Off In November?

During the month of November, the Wake County Public School System’s traditional calendar has a lot of days off. Students are out for a total of six and a half days in November. There are many different reasons why students have off all those days. 

At the beginning of November, it is the end of the quarter. The end of the nine weeks is on November 3, 2022. There is a teacher workday the following day, November 4, 2022, so teachers can finalize grading. It also gives students a break before starting the next quarter.

The next day off is November 8, 2022 – Election Day! (If you are over eighteen, make sure to vote!) This is a calendar out day and also a teacher workday. Many Wake County schools serve as polling places for the election. Scheduling Election Day as a day off for students keeps students out of the schools and safe while their schools are open to the public for voting. It also gives teachers a day to prepare for the next quarter. 

November 10, 2022, is a half-day off for students. The half-day off allows teachers to participate in continuing education training and other meetings. The next day, November 11, 2022, is a holiday for teachers and students. The holiday is Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a federal holiday that honors those who have served our country. It dates back to 1926 and started as a way to remember our servicemen and women who sacrificed and to show our support for those still serving. Every year on November 11, we celebrate this holiday because World War 1 ended on this day.

Later in November, November 23-25, 2022, students and teachers have three days off for Thanksgiving break. November 23, 2022, is a vacation day while November 24 and 25, 2022, are holidays. We do not celebrate gratitude enough these days, which is why Thanksgiving is such an important, secular holiday. The harvest is also celebrated during this time. Spending time with friends and family and taking a break from stress is essential for students and teachers during the holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time to relax with family and friends.

Students have passed the long stretch with not many days out of school. Now we can enjoy a little extra freedom in November. And let us not forget there will be even more days off in December. Of course, you can study during these breaks, but try to remember why we have these days off and take a break. You deserve it! 

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