Homecoming Dance Review

By: Briana Taylor

Homecoming is an annual tradition for high schools all throughout the country. Students of all grades spend weeks choosing what to wear, who to go with, and what to do the evening before. With Apex High not hosting a Homecoming since 2019, many students haven’t had the opportunity to go to a school dance in years and didn’t know what to expect. The dance took place in the courtyard on October 15th and was themed, “Night Under the Stars.” The school was definitely on a high from finally winning against Middle Creek for the first time since 2008 at the game the night before. 

To get an idea of what the people thought of the dance, I asked Apex High School students some questions:

What was your opinion on the dance?

Ashlee Wallace: (11th) “The circle around the DJ was intimidating and loud, but corn hole was fun.”

Austin Russ: (10th) “I found it fun to hang out with my friends.”

Camilla (12th) “It was actually really fun; I liked how there were separate sections for everyone. And there were games, and you could also hang out in the gym. I thought it was cool.”

Joshua: (12th) “It was pretty good, I liked how there were a lot of people there, and it made the whole experience more fun.”

Maddie: (12th) “I enjoyed how it was outside this time.” 

Grayson Pack: (12th) “The beginning was slow, but once people got together it was fun.”

Gabby: (12th) I liked it; it was really fun. I like dressing up for the night and seeing everyone else dressed up in their outfits.” 

Michelle: (12th) “I had a great time.”

Cheka: (11th) “The backdrop for the pictures were really pretty and fit the theme well.”

Owen: (12th) “I liked how it was outside this year; it fit the “Night Under the Stars” theme.”

What did you think about the DJ?

Camilla (12th) “So good, we asked for Shakira, and he played Shakira. Then someone asked for Bad Bunny, and he played it for them. I was so happy.”

Maddie (12th) “People were requesting good stuff, so he was playing good music all night.”

Austin Russ (10th) “I haven’t listened to most of those songs he played in years, but it was fun to hear them again.”

Gabby:(12th) “ He was okay; he played good music because most of them were requests, but he played the whole songs, […] and continued to play the [unpopular] songs too.”

Kelcey: (10th) “He played songs that were fun for us, but I don’t think that the teachers liked him very much.”

As a new student, what do you think of our homecoming dance in comparison to your old school?

Caroline Thomson: (11th) “It was pretty even with other schools; the other Homecoming dances had a better vibe and were in tents, but this one was more spread out, which was nice.”

Why didn’t you go to the Homecoming dance?

Alex McCann: (12th) “My girlfriend was out of town, and I felt that as a senior I would rather just go to prom because homecoming seems like it’s more for underclassmen.”

Noah Kingson: (11th) “I had tickets to a concert that night and decided to go to that with my family instead.

Do you wish that you had gone?

Noah Kingson: (11th) Yeah, it looked like a lot of people had fun, and I heard that they opened up the gym for people, which is nice. 

With Homecoming being such an anticipated event, it is safe to say that Apex High was not let down. Even with the cold weather and the late night, students managed to have a great time with their friends on the dance floor. We definitely can’t wait to see what the school plans for next year’s Homecoming Dance and for the football team to lead us to another victory the night before. 

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