should there be only one “Apex” High School?

Apex and Apex Friendship is one of the newest rivalries in Wake County. But it’s also one of the most passionate in Wake County athletics. Even though the school has only been open for seven  years, the rivalry runs deep. But with the inclusion of the name “Apex ” in Apex Friendship’s name stirred up controversy among students at Apex High School.

Friendship, where Apex Friendship is located, is a relatively new town. It was an unincorporated community settled after the Civil War, before the 1850s and 1860s, mostly Native Americans lived on the land. But after the Civil War and slavery ended, they moved to the area known now as Friendship where they were able to live in peace with other races. The community was fully integrated, which was in stark contrast with the social norm at the time. Friendship was located in a good economic and geographic position at the crossroads between two important stagecoach roads, one leading from Raleigh to Haywood and the other coming from Durham to Smithfield. Friendship would grow and thrive over the next century until it became the community we know today. 

In 2017 the Wake County School Board began a new building project that would majorly renovate ten old school campuses and build fourteen new schools entirely, two of which would be high schools. Apex Friendship was one of those new high schools. Controversy around the name pretty quick though as local residents wanted the name to change to reflect the local history of Friendship. And among students, the addition of “Apex” in Apex Friendship started a “debate” over who the real Apex school is. While interviewing many students they believed Apex Friendship’s name should change because the schools often get confused or to honor the history of friendship. Friendship, however, is an integrated community in the town of Apex, so while many may not like the addition of “Apex” in the name, it still can have it as the community is part of Apex. 

Personally, I think Apex Friendship should change their name to Friendship High School. I think they should do this because Apex and Friendship are two very different communities with different histories and identities, and Friendship’s  history of progress and inclusion should be more widely known and acknowledged. The way to start this would be to rename Apex Friendship High School to just Friendship High School.

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