2022 Teen Fall Fashion

With the weather getting colder, it’s time to get into the autumn spirit. A big part of how we feel is directly correlated to how we dress. As teenagers, pop culture and fashion seems to be a trending topic on our minds. After doing some research, here are some examples of 2022 teen fall fashion and a few examples of where you can find some of these pieces.


Wide leg and flared jeans have been trending for a while, and Vogue says that they’re here to stay. Knit sweaters always have been and probably always will be a big thing because there’s so many ways to style them, and they’re quite easy to come by, not to mention they’re also cozy and perfect for the turning weather. Sheer tights are perfect for adding an extra layer of protection against the cold, and they look super cute under skirts. Long skirts are also a staple closet item because they’re good for all weather and can be dressed up or down.


A big part of personal style is learning what colors you like, what colors go together, and what looks good on you. Some colors to keep in mind this season are: yellow, violet, midnight blue, all shades of green, brown, black, white, orange and maroon.


In the past two years or so, watches have been becoming more popular in teen fashion. Men’s Health website shows black watches with colorful faces and stripes come into play to add a pop of color into your everyday outfit. This year during New York Fashion Week, Coach brought out messenger bags. These are cute for every occasion and destination. All sorts of vintage- looking jewelry can add a nice, retro touch to any outfit, even just a plain white tee and a pair of jeans.

Where to shop:

For a more sustainable shopping experience, shopping second hand is a great option. Online stores such as Depop, Thredup, Poshmark and Facebook are great choices. Some second hand stores in the Apex/Raleigh/Cary area include Goodwill, Dorcas ministries, the Raleigh flea market, Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, and Guardian Angel Thrift. Other stores that have been popular lately are Shein, Romwe, Cider, Target, Forever 21 and Painted Tree boutiques.

Overall, style is subjective, and you should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. I hope this article gets everyone excited about fall and the new things to come.




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