Apex Football: Apex Vs. Cary

Coming off a big win against Panther Creek, Apex High School’s Cougar football faces a long-time rivalry against the Cary High School Imps. Apex has been playing Cary almost annually since 1925, and the game is considered one of the biggest rivalries in the United States. Last year, the Cougars had a hard game against Imps and sadly could not come out on top with a close ending score  of 53-42.

             Talking about it with head coach John Moezerka, he is very excited for tonight and his team’s performance. He says with the momentum we have rolling, we should be looking forward to a strong Cougars performance. The team has been doing a lot of preparation for this game, and they are showing a lot of confidence. Friday morning,  Apex brought back the traditional morning pep rally where the football team, band, cheerleaders, and the students at Apex started the day with some energy. Coach Moe and the team would like to see everyone there for the game.

It has been an extraordinary 4-0 start for Apex’s Cougars as they  head into the historical rivalry game. Go support the Cougars so they can bring back the win!

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