Welcoming Mr. Ferguson to Apex High

By Briana Taylor

Apex High opens its doors to Adam Ferguson, a new Arts teacher, who will be an exceptional addition to the already noteworthy arts staff. Mr. Ferguson can be found on the first floor and teaches Drawing. It is important to get to know the new staff here at Apex High as we are welcoming over twenty new teachers this year. To grasp hold of who Mr. Ferguson is, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

What is your experience as a teacher?

“So I’ve taught for three years in the public school system, and I also taught for two years teaching graduate school. While I was going to graduate school, I just taught classes there.”

What other schools did you teach at?

“I taught at North Wake College and Career Academy, and before that up in Lynchburg in Virginia, I taught at a school called Perrymont Elementary. 

What school did you graduate from?

“I went to Roanoke college for my undergrad and then Radford University for my Masters. 

What did you do before coming to Apex? 

“I was at North Wake before that.”

Why did you become a teacher?

“Since I was in middle school, I’ve really loved working with art and working with other people with art, but I had a fantastic art teacher in high school, and she really guided me and lead me along the way in pursuing art. I took every art class that was available to take at at my high school by junior year but still needed classes because I wanted to keep taking art, so they literally made a specific extra class for me where I was placed with freshman in Art 1 and was put in my own room to have an independent study. Every now and then [the teacher] would have me come out and work with the Art 1 students and that got me involved in teaching, where I realized how awesome it is when students realize things and have the lightbulb moment.”

What are your thoughts about Apex so far? 

I really like it; I’ve been really impressed with how kind and nice the students are for the most part. I came from a school in North Wake, which only had four hundred students, so it’s a huge jump in terms of population size. 

What’s your favorite movie? Book?

Favorite movie would be Alien, the original one from 1972. My favorite book would be Fahrenheit 451.

What are your hobbies?

“I go to the gym a lot, I played soccer in college, and I still play three times a week with various mens leagues here in Raleigh. I like to run, I like to go on hikes, and I spend time with my girlfriend and our cats.” 

What advice would you give students?

“I guess really just to choose something that you love and pursue it. I think a lot of people go into jobs that they think will get them the most money, but I think you definitely should find something that you love. That’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, so you should find something you are passionate about.”

If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?

“I create art on the side for video games, so probably doing that full time. I worked on Blashfamiss, Steel of Salt, and Blood Tower. 

Who is or has been an inspiration to you?

“My former art teacher from high school was a huge inspiration for me. My dad as well.”

We are so excited to welcome Mr. Ferguson to our Apex High community. So if you see him walking in the halls, be sure to give him a friendly smile or a wave hello.

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