Meet Ms. Johnson, New Assistant Principal

New Teacher Article

Apex High School has added a new assistant principal, Mrs. Johnson, to our team of administrators. Ms. Johnson is ready to take on a big role at Apex. She used to be an assistant principal at East Wake High School and taught in both Wake and Durham County. She has been in the educational department for around twenty years. Growing up with both parents working in the classroom helped Ms. Johnson find  her love for teaching and being involved with education.  Ms. Johnson loves the community and the atmosphere at Apex High School. She is excited to be a part of and work at a community’s school. 

Outside of school she loves to travel, listen to music, and read books. She said she was into all kinds of music excluding heavy metal. She likes to travel to places she has never been; she has been to places like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and many others. 

We are really looking forward to having Ms. Johnson in our Apex High School community. 

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