AP Art Show

By Briana Taylor and Ada Bartels

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, the students in Apex’s AP Visual Arts classes are marking their calendars for June 3rd: a day to celebrate their strokes of genius at Downtown Apex’s Peak of the Vine. With classes ranging from 2D to 3D visual arts, the show will capture the time, skill, and creativity that must be applied to meet the standards of the College Board’s rigorous portfolio requirements.

From 5:00pm to 7:00pm, artists and art enthusiasts alike can peruse the various booths where students will be showcasing and selling their work. Prices span from two dollars up to one thousand dollars, given the longevity in the creation of each piece. As guests enjoy the student’s handiwork, they can snack on beverages and appetizers such as cheese, finger sandwiches, and other various hors d’oeuvres. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to park in the back lot; a notion that is encouraged after confusion from years past.

After spending the entire school year preparing their portfolios, the dedication of these artists is evident. In the course, students are required to create fifteen quality pieces, all centered around a personal theme. But before they put pencil to paper, or perhaps slip to clay, the students explore how to conceptualize works surrounding a central theme, following the example of professional artists. It is only after the young artists formulate their own theme that they begin the strenuous process of piecing together a portfolio. Co-coordinator of the show, visual arts teacher Kimberly Sudkamp states, “It’s a lot harder than people realize, to create this full body of work.” The students then digitally submit their creations to the College Board, and finally, they get the opportunity to display their  masterpieces at the end of the year show. Gracen Pack, a junior at Apex High, is among the students showcasing and selling art pieces at the event. She has worked diligently while taking AP 2D Art, even creating award winning pieces along the way. Pack states, she is “looking forward to showing her accomplishments.” 

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