2022 Staffsketball

By Amber Wilson and Allison Hurley

Staffsketball is returning to Apex on June 1, 2022. This game between Apex staff members will be open for students to watch. Funds raised from ticket sales will benefit the Apex Student Council and there will be a school supply drive to benefit the Apex Public School Foundation. Mr. Dong and Mr. Frederick will be the two team captains for this year’s Staffsketball. Click HERE to watch the Cougar TV episode featuring the Staffsketball draft! 

Mr. Dong’s strategy for the game is to pass the ball to his tall teammates. He has done some training for the big day, such as running, although it did leave him sore. Mr. Dong is determined to find success on the court. Mr. Frederick’s team plans to shoot lots of three pointers. He has been preparing by watching the NBA playoffs.  

Neither Mr. Dong nor Mr. Frederick have much experience with basketball. They have both played some pick-up games, but never for a formal team. They are both unsure as to why they were chosen to be team captains this year, but nonetheless they are excited to participate in this fundraiser. Students are encouraged to come out to support their teachers and administrators while raising funds to support a good cause.

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