German State Competition

By: Briana Taylor

The German State Competition is hosted once a year and is a week of German themed competitions ranging from culture and language related to art and performance. From March 21-24, 2022, eighteen Apex High School students participated in the 20th consecutive state German competition, otherwise known as German Da. After months of planning by our state organization, the event was held online for students and Germanistik in North Carolina, although before COVID, it was held at different college campuses around North Carolina. Students that qualify to compete at the state level are given a theme, which this year was “alle in Butter,” literally meaning “everything is butter.” It is a turn of the phrase “all is good.” The students must submit their projects online to be judged by a panel of teachers. This year, Apex High School earned 14 awards, 2 more than last year, becoming our best tally in school history. These recognitions included 3 state championships. The winners from Apex HS were:

  • Felipé Martinez – 1st Place in 3D Art 
  • Jonathan Mundorf  – 1st Place in level 1/2 a capella Singing (Two years in a row as state champions in this event.)
  • Daniela Montañez – 1st Place in T-Shirt Design 
  • Rachel Landi  – 2nd Place in T-Shirt Design
  • Rachel Landi  – 3rd Place in 2D Art 
  • Effi Hammer  – 4th Place in 2D Art
  • Olivia “Atlas” Dixon  – 2nd Place Poster
  • Yadon Qualls  – 3rd Place Poster 
  • Benjamin Dolan  – 2nd Place Photography
  • Murilo da Silva Micchi – 3rd Place in level 1/2 Kulturpokal (Culture Quiz Bowl)
  • Levi Smith – 4th Place in level 3+ Kulturpokal (Culture Quiz Bowl) 
  • Levi Smith – 4th Place in the Verb Conjugation Bee
  • Daniela Montañez – 4th Place in level 1/2 Poetry
  • Jaden Carner – 3rd Place in level 1/2 Extemporaneous Speaking

In the last 12 years, Apex High School has been state Photography championss 5 times and have placed in a category 11 of the 12 years. Whether it’s 4th, 3rd, or 2nd, each placement is an amazing accomplishment. Out of 20 total awards in graphic arts, Apex HS earned 8, including 2 of 5 state championships. Once again the best showing of any school in the state in this category. 

Rachel Landi earned her 3rd & 4th awards at state competition in 2D Art and T-Shirt Design this year, tying Keeley Dolan’s school record of 4 honors. Rachel is “thankful to have placed in both (of her) events and appreciates the opportunity to compete. Rachel is only a junior, and will return to German Day next year. 

You may spot participants wearing their competition t-shirts over the next few days/weeks. They bear the theme of the event, “Alles in Butter” (the idea is roughly translated to “everything is great”) designed by our own Daniela Montañez. If you see them walking in the halls, take the time to congratulate them for their achievements. Be sure to take the time to go to room 4111, Herr Maseman’s room, at any time to see their outstanding submissions shown on display. 

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