Dance Concert

Through March 6th and 7th, the Apex High dance team gave a series of show-stopping performances at their annual concert. With a wide range of routines, from high-energy beats, to melancholic melodies, the audience was in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions; all achieved through the use of lights, music, and skillful dance.

Although their seamless movements make their performances look easy, a great deal of work went on behind the scenes to make the concert successful. The show required casting, designing of costuming and cosmetics, and intricate scheduling. The group was challenged when figuring out rehearsal time, having to meet several times at lunch and after school. Additionally, the students themselves choreographed the show. This fact only magnifies the strength of their performances, given the creative process of developing choreography. Dancer Ally Oregano (class of ‘24) states, “First you have to listen to the music… then watching other people’s choreography always helps me generate ideas. But it’s mainly about listening to the music and each other, and bouncing ideas off of one another.”

But their hard work paid off. The team showcased an impressive array of performances, with several differing styles of dance; from Irish step, to advanced improvisation. The students’ carefully curated choreography highlighted the individual skill of its dancers through solos, duos, trios, and group performances. Every group performed with stellar synchronization that tied the acts together, and soloists dazzled with impressive control and prowess.

Overall, the concert proved that it takes art to make art. Much like the beautiful performances, the planning and execution of the event was intricately choreographed. And as evidenced by the audience’s enthusiastic reaction, the time and energy that these dancers and their crew applied to the concert is what made it such a roaring success.

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