Start of Spring Sports

With the weather starting to get warmer and the sun coming out from behind the clouds, spring sports are starting off with a bang. With soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball, track, and tennis teams . Being on a sports team is a lot of commitment, there are practices nearly every day and games or meets, but it is a great way to get involved with the school while playing the sport that you love.


The lacrosse team is coached by Mrs. Welch and Rutledge. With a lot of “returning talent” and Coach Welch coaching at Apex for 6 years, the lacrosse team is “excited and hopeful about this upcoming season.” There are some new players this year, including Clara McCarthy, a forign exchange student from Ireland, who says that the team has been “very lovely, helpful, and encouraging.” Coach Welch states that the team is already “working well together” and “showing a lot of potential.”. The first game for women’s lacrosse is Monday, February 28th and the team is looking forward to “going all the way”. 


Mrs. Locher, the coach of the boys and girls varsity tennis teams, has been working with the boys for 2 years and the girls for 1. She is looking forward to the boys double games and would love for you to come and support them during their start of the season. The girls team has many new players this year and Mrs. Locher is excited to see how the line up develops and their technique improves. 


The track team, which is the biggest team at Apex HS with over 100 players, is a great sport for any students who were on cross country in the fall and want to continue their running and fitness. With many options, such as pole vaulting, sprints, relays, distance, hurdles, shot puts, and more, there are options for everyone. There is no JV or Varsity for track, so everyone is on one team, which is great for athletes who like to be around many people. 


Coach MacWilliam, who coaches the girls soccer teams as well as teaches team sports at Apex, has been a coach for 2 years, is excited to compete this season. This year, the soccer team will be competing in a new conference and will be going against high schools: Green Level, Green Hope, and Cary. The soccer team will be challenging themselves to make playoffs, and with team captains Sammy Tailor, Riley Nodak, Emma Whitley, and Kate Boss, they may have a shot. Emma (12th grade) states that the team is “looking forward to having a great season and playing together.” The soccer team is “a great group of girls that work hard, have fun, and compete.” Coach MacWilliams would like everyone to know that if “you enjoy soccer and want to be a part of the team” to “come out and test yourself.”


Softball has started off strong with their first win against Athens Drive yesterday 03.01. With coaches Adam and Jess, as well as team captain Kendall, the team “looks forward to doing their best” and getting “better and stronger” as a team. The varsity softball team this year is “well rounded” with “lot’s of talents,” but Coach Adam is ready for “the girls to work well as a team.” If you are interested in joining the softball team next year, make sure to work on your aim, accuracy, and speed. It would also be good to understand the different scenarios used in softball.

While it is too late to join a team for this season, it is never too early to start training and getting your fitness up for next year’s teams. As for this year, you can still show your support for your fellow classmates and friends by going to the games and cheering for our school. If you are interested in going to any games be sure to visit to buy your tickets. The teams would love  your support!

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