Which AP Class is Best for You?

By Briana Tayloer

As students begin to sign up for their 2022 fall semester classes, it is important to be thinking of college and AP classes. Advanced Placement, or AP, classes are a great way to get a head start in your path to college. However, many students have trouble balancing how many AP classes to take and struggle to figure out which one is right for them.

AP classes at Apex High School help prepare students for high level thinking and give students the experience of a college level class while still at high school. They are also a great way to get started on the college path you are wanting to go into and are beneficial for colleges to see that you are able to excel in higher advanced classes. Some high school students graduate with enough college credits that they can graduate college a year early. AP classes can give college credit as long as you pass the exam. Even if you are not planning to attend college, taking an AP class could still help prepare you for future jobs and a higher level of thinking. However, AP classes are considered much more difficult than honors classes, as they are more fast paced and require added time and effort. 

When considering what AP class you want to take, think about what majors you are interested in and if you have had success in that subject area in the past. There are many AP that AHS had to offer in each subject including language, english, art, math, science, and social studies. AP classes are a much rigorous course and can cause some stress in students who cannot handle the time management. So it is essential to not take too many classes than your schedule can handle. Sports and other extracurricular activities are also factors, as AP classes require an extra 1-2 hours of work outside of school. A good balance with AP classes is to take 3-4 classes a year, as there is a possibility that all of your AP classes are scheduled in the same semester. 

Some of the most popular AP classes at Apex High are AP Language and Composition (LANG), AP Literature (LIT), AP Psychology (PSYCH), and AP Statistics. AP LANG and LIT are popular for Juniors and Seniors who don’t want to take English III and IV and involve loads of reading and writing. If you are planning to major in Business, Finance, or Management, then AP PSYCH and Statistics would be beneficial for you. AP Calculus is a challenging, yet helpful class to take no matter what major you would want to pursue, as well as LANG and LIT. Sophomores who are interested in taking AP classes have the options of taking AP Human Geography and AP World History. For students who are more interested in the fine arts, some classes are AP Art History, AP Sculpture, and AP Visual Arts. Still not sure which class to take? Take this fun quiz to figure out which one is best for you? https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/preview/622237f371ad210018423762

If you are interested in joining an AP class or would like extra information, talk to your guidance counselor, teachers, or other students who have taken AP classes. Mrs. Pannell, who can be found in student services and helps with AP enrollment and AP exam registration, is a great resource. You can also visit https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/advanced-placement-open-house to read descriptions of each class. 

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