The Life of an Apex Alumna: Mrs. Martin

By: Kylie Radford

Many people go about their lives wondering what legacy they will leave in the world and in the lives of others. Rightfully named “Legacy Newspaper”, the Apex High School newspaper aims to highlight the legacy of Apex, as well as it’s students. Some students go above and beyond to make an impact in the Apex community, and this deserves to be specifically highlighted.

Krista Martin graduated from Apex High School in 1985 and has since remained a very involved member of the Apex Community. She has strived for excellence in every aspect of her life, from motherhood, to education, to her other passions. She continuously demonstrates what it means to be P.E.A.K.: Prepared, Engaged, Ambitious and Kind.

During her time at Apex, Mrs. Martin was always very engaged and involved. Outside of the classroom she was a member of many clubs, including National Honor Society. She also held many leadership positions as the President of French Club, as well as the President of Anchor Club- a girls only service-oriented club. As a member of Anchor Club, Mrs. Martin was able to attend the national convention in Pennsylvania, and was granted the opportunity to speak to those in attendance. Mrs. Martin was also in both the color guard and the marching band. She left her mark being one of three students to begin the orchestra here at Apex. Mrs. Martin was also very involved outside the walls of the school, working at a local department store after school.

As a student, Mrs. Martin was ambitious and aimed for excellence. She showed a strong desire and determination to succeed. While juggling her numerous extra curriculars, Mrs. Martin managed to stay at the top of her class. She graduated in the top 20 of her class, and attended governor’s school. Mrs. Martin explained that from a young age she set her sights on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and worked hard to achieve this dream. All her hard work paid off; after completing high school, Mrs. Martin attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

After attending UNC Chapel Hill, Mrs. Martin returned to Apex and became a mother of three. Her eldest was her daughter, who was enrolled at Friendship High School. However, her sons Sam and Asa Martin, now follow in her footsteps as they go through their career at Apex. “I couldn’t be more proud,” she stated. The Martins were originally zoned to go to Friendship, but Mrs. Martin transferred them because Apex is “the best around” and she wanted them to “have that experience.” Sam and Asa are both on the basketball team this year, and Mrs. Martin said that she loves seeing them run out onto the court before games. She even invites her high school friends to come watch. Mrs. Martin is now a stay-at-home mom, stating, “It’s very rewarding. My kids are my best work.” Her son Asa Martin stated, “My mom inspires me to do well in life, she supports me in everything I do and all choices that I make. My mom is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.”

Mrs. Martin remains involved in the community as the basketball mom this school year. “It’s tons of fun,” she stated in an interview. She is also involved in spirit wear, and successfully planned the Senior night. Coach Frey stated, “Krista Martin was instrumental to our successful season and played an intricate role in paving the way to a winning season. From organizing team pregame meals to team builders, she helped make my transition into my first year coaching at Apex high school as smooth as possible.” In the community, Mrs. Martin continues to make an impact and show her kindness by giving back to the community. For many years she has been involved in the local food pantry; she works with a fellow graduate to make sure no one goes hungry. 

As Mrs. Martin reminisced about her time at Apex, she shared a few of her favorite memories. She always had fun attending the football games, and the same remains true. She loves that they still play “Back In Black” by ACDC when the team runs out, just as they did during her time at Apex. She explained that the current football field is the same as it was when she was a student, though the school itself looks very different. The courtyard remains, though Mrs. Martin noted that the current one is nicer than its predecessor. Some of her other favorite memories include Cary Band Day, where Apex won the “Best In Show” award over all other schools. She also enjoyed the Orange Bowl Parade, and going to Disney World with the marching band.

Finally, Mrs. Martin shared her advice for those still continuing their education at Apex. She explained that she now regrets worrying about what other people thought. “You’re the only you you have. Worry about what you need to, and everything else will fall into place. Enjoy your life and take a deep breath. Work hard, but it will all work out in the end.” Mrs. Martin also shared that she highly recommends service to others, as it “will come back tenfold.”

Mrs. Martin continues to make an impact in the Apex community, establishing her legacy. She continuously demonstrates what it means to be P.E.A.K.: Prepared, Engaged, Ambitious, and Kind.

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