Wake Tech Dual Enrollment Open

By Amber Wilson and Allison Hurley

It is almost time for students to begin selecting their classes for the next school year. Many students are considering taking dual enrollment classes at Wake Technical Community College (Wake Tech). Dual Enrollment is a great way for students to complete college classes while still in high school.

Dual Enrollment is available to all Juniors and Seniors who have an unweighted GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 2.8. Wake Tech classes are weighted the same as AP-level classes, with an extra point added to the weighted GPA. Another added advantage of taking Wake Tech classes in high school is that students do not have to pay tuition to Wake Tech while they are enrolled as a full time student at Apex High School. In order to be a full time student, you must be enrolled in four classes each semester, at least two of which are at Apex High School. Students taking classes at Wake Tech are eligible for a hole in their schedule during either first or fourth period to have time to work on assignments for their Dual Enrollment classes. Students can also take Wake Tech classes over the summer, if they choose to. Finally, depending on the number of combined AP and Dual Enrollment credits a student earns throughout their high school career, some students may have the opportunity to graduate high school with an Associate’s Degree. 

This school year, roughly 200 Apex students took at least one class at Wake Tech. Psychology, Sociology and Communications are the most popular classes amongst Apex’s students. Mr. Hayes is Apex’s Career Development Coordinator and contact point for students with Dual Enrollment questions. He advises students interested in Dual Enrollment to “Go for it,” but not to take more classes than you can handle. Additionally, Mr. Hayes encourages students to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle between classes and social activities over the summer.

Starting March 1, 2022 students can enroll in Dual Enrollment at ccp.waketech.edu or talk to Mr. Hayes by scheduling an appointment with him here.

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