NHSDA Kicks Off at Apex

Spring sports are starting this week, but if sports are really your thing, you love to stay active, and are taking a dance class, then National Honors Society of Dance Arts might be for you. 

The National Honors Society of Dance Arts, (NHSDA) may be new to Apex High School, but is starting off strong by allowing dancers to get involved with the school and other dancers. The NHSDA is a National organization through National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and works like any other National Society. NHSDA is a monthly commitment that meets on the first Wednesday of each month. They meet in room 1241 for dance classes and technique training, with sponsor and dance director at Apex High School, Mrs. Markock, better known as Mrs. M. In order to join NHSDA, you must be taking a dance class and maintain an average of 3.0 GPA. NHSDA also requires students to have a minimum of thirty points which can be gained by going to your dance period, taking an after school class, or even going to see a dance competition. Twenty of the thirty points can be earned by going to class or a club at school, but ten points must be earned outside of school on your own. Seniors who join NHSDA will receive a pin and medallion upon graduation. All students must pay an induction fee and member dues of $22. Underclassmen can also select to pay for an optional gold induction pin. The induction fee and member dues include your formal certification of induction and Dance Banquet plate. The Dance Banquet is a celebration of the first year of the dance company at Apex High School. It will be held June 7th and is available for anyone who took a dance class this year, is in NHSDA, in Dance Club, or is a part of the dance company. 

So you may be wondering, why would you want to join NHSDA and have to have extra work when you could just go to a Dance Club? Dance Club is a gathering that is open to anyone to come and go, while NHSDA is a commitment, great for colleges to see. The presidents and vice president of NHSDA teach techniques and dances during the dance club after school. President, Amber Wilson, states that anyone who is interested in joining NHSDA is more than welcome and they would “love to have people join, the more the merrier.” Mrs. M says that it is a “good experience” for any students wanting to do more than go to dance club and improve their dancing experience.

If you are interested in joining NHSDA, make sure you are taking a dance class and contact Mrs. M, or President, Amber Wilson. Amber is the main point of contact and could answer any questions you may have. If you are still unsure whether or not NHSDA is for you, feel free to attend dance club meetings to see if you are interested in going the extra step in your dancing by joining NHSDA.

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