Battling Senioritis

By Allison Hurley

For our Apex seniors, there are eighty-four school days left until graduation, but with the start of their last semester of high school, Senioritis can have an immense impact on many seniors. Seniors, you have worked diligently for the last four years, but it is too soon to stop now. 

It is more than reasonable for seniors to feel as though they deserve to take a break. Taking a quick pause is acceptable and beneficial, but completely giving up now can have a harmful impact in the future. Even if you have already submitted your application to the colleges and universities you are interested in attending, your second semester grades are still important. Schools that have deferred or waitlisted you may look at your second semester grades when reviewing your application. Second semester grades may also be considered in future scholarship opportunities. Seniors who are not planning on furthering their education after graduation should still keep up their grades this semester as future employers and the military may consider your high school transcript during the hiring/enlisting process. 

Senior Camille Gottholm says that when dealing with Senioritis you should surround yourself with motivated individuals who have a good work ethic. Camille wants to remind seniors that they are not alone in their feelings, many seniors are struggling in similar ways. Yves Michel says when he is lacking motivation due to Senioritis he takes a quick break. By allowing himself to relax he can focus more later on. 

Remember to have fun this semester. These are your last few months of high school, so enjoy them, while continuing to study hard. The studying you do now will only benefit you in the long run. 

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