Room 2315

By Sydney Brown

I had always known that when I thought of high school I would think of marching band. It was what I dedicated most of my time to over all four years, and something I hold close to my heart. When I first signed up for newspaper, I didn’t realize that it would be another key moment in my high school career.

I was previously weary of newspaper and journalism, as everything I saw on the news seemed more invasive than informative or interesting. So when the idea of joining the school newspaper was first introduced to me, I was skeptical. But taking the class and giving it a chance was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Having the opportunity to learn what goes into a newspaper behind the scenes, and being able to decide what articles I wrote definitely helped to change my perspective. I’ve experienced the process of creating questions, scheduling interviews, and actually writing articles. The entire process was something I wasn’t really used to, but it quickly became one of my favorite parts of my day.

I got to help brainstorm the articles that were included in each issue, and choose which article I wanted to write. Because of this, I wrote so many articles that allowed me to learn more about things I wasn’t fully aware of: Native American Heritage Month, the fall play, and Sarah Mitchell. I’m incredibly proud of all the articles I wrote and published.

It didn’t take long for third period to become my favorite. Everyone on the Legacy staff are talented, lively and have made class fun to go to everyday. In fact, some of my favorite people are on the Legacy staff and I looked forward to seeing them everyday. 

We all knew what was expected of us and worked to produce the best articles we could. I’ve only worked with a few people, but everyone collaborated and talked with each other to help out where we could. We created our own little community in classroom 2315 and I’ve never been more happy to have been pushed into a class. 

Take newspaper guys: you just might learn something new and find some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

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