Rise As One, Apex Women’s Basketball

By: Allison Hurley

Winter sports season has officially begun and our Apex Women’s Basketball teams are off to a great start. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) have talented leadership. Varsity is coached by the experienced Coach Michael and JV is coached by Coach Holmes. Varsity is led by three captains, Maddie Degnan, Bailey Sigmon, and Ada Anorve. JV is led by captains Maddie Hutto and Sarah Bess Eskridge.

Varsity player Jenny Westlake is a junior. She has been playing basketball for six years and has played for Apex since she was a freshman. Jenny says the team is still learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses as it is still early in the season. Jenny’s favorite memory on the team is playing music before games and getting pumped up with the team. 

Coach Michael has been coaching basketball for nine years, six at Apex. Coach Michael began playing basketball at the age of five. She attended Apex High and played on the team. Coach Michael came back to coach and teach at Apex because she loved her time playing and going to school here. Coach Michael is excited to be “back in a conference with all the surrounding schools because it brings back rivalries that have been around for many years.” 

JV Captain Sarah Bess Eskridge has played basketball for six years and two years for Apex. Sarah Bess plays center for the team and does the tip-off at each game. Sarah Bess says the team has improved tremendously since try-outs. She is especially proud that the team “worked together to defeat Athens.” Sarah Bess and Varsity player Izzy Pease have a pre-game tradition. For home games they tap the cougar paws painted on the gym wall for good luck before starting warm-ups. JV’s second Captain Maddie Hutto has played basketball for eleven years, two for Apex. Maddie looks forward to bonding with the team in the locker room after school, while they wait for practice to start.  

The Apex Women’s basketball program will continue to work through February to improve their skills, teamwork, and overall performance. Through their hard work and collaboration, they will achieve their motto “rise as one.”  As of Tuesday, December 13, 2021, Varsity’s record is 3-4 and JV’s record is 4-3.

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