NC State Fair is Back for 2021

By: Kate Sinodis and Kristina Andrews

Once again, it’s that time of year, and the State Fair is back in Raleigh, NC. The fair has something for everyone, be it food, rides, animal shows, or a variety of performances. Since 1853, the fair has been a tradition for families all over North Carolina to have fun and come together. The fair is open from October 14 to the 24th, and there are many reasons to come see it in its first year back since the pandemic.

Not only is the fair a fun experience, but it can also be educational. There are multiple booths open to educate the public on various issues. One such educational attraction is the Children’s Barnyard. The Apex High School FFA volunteers in the Children’s Barnyard with other chapters of FFA in order to bring children the joy of learning about and seeing animals up close. In an interview with Mr. Clark, the FFA advisor, Horticulture, and Agriscience teacher, we were able to find out more about the involvement of Apex FFA at the state fair.

The Wake County Federation of FFA is made up of all the schools in Wake County, which the Apex chapter is a part of, and has been involved with the fair for a very long time. The Apex High School chapter has been involved for three years, ever since Mr. Clark started working at Apex High School.  FFA runs the Children’s Barnyard which is an educational center that is meant mainly for kids around elementary school age. The animals in the barnyard are a mixture of student projects and class pets. In fact, one of Mr. Clark’s class pets, Pepper, who is a mix between a Flemish Giant and an American Chinchilla, is staying at the State Fair this year. The children can see and learn about all the different animals in the barnyard, sometimes even from their owners. The FFA volunteers to help to teach the kids about the animals that they are looking at. FFA volunteers help to take care of the animals in the barnyard, like feeding them, but they also answer any questions people have about the animals in the barnyard. 

The fair features many other things that are engaging for everybody, with hundreds of food booths, rides and expos for businesses to showcase their items. It is recommended by most who have gone to experience it with friends or family, and try to branch out and attempt fun, new things. 

The fair isn’t around for long, so it’s important to seize this fleeting opportunity to have fun and learn while you’re able.

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