Apex High: The Best School In The County

The WRAL Voters Choice Awards voted us, Apex High School, as the best school in the county. It is quite the honor winning this award and is made even more so by the fact that it is voted on by the people of Wake County. There were several other schools in the running such as Millbrook High, Broughton High, and other charter schools, but the voters thought we were the best.

 Back in December, our principal, Mrs. Hofmann, was informed that we had made it to the top five. Before then, we had no idea that we were even in the running! Then as January came, Mrs. Hofmann was invited to a dinner in downtown Raleigh. This is when Mrs. Hofmann found out that we had been honored with winning this award. Because, we have a beautiful new building and amazing community support, we weren’t completely shocked that we won. “What it did was validate for me that we are absolutely going in the right direction, we have support behind us, and that people just love Apex High School,” according to our principal, Mrs. Hofmann.

 Besides name recognition and bragging rights, one of the perks of winning this award is a free ACT prep class for students and their families. Our category was sponsored by APlus Test Prep, so this meant that whichever school won, was awarded this free class. 

This is an award that is given out every year by WRAL. In addition to nominating the best school, anyone can go online and nominate who they think is the best restaurant, library, dentist, school, etc. When asking Mrs. Hofmann how she thinks we can continue winning, she said, “What we need to do is start putting out the notices that voting will start. We just really need to advertise it. For this one, we got it without any advertisements. We didn’t even know we were in the running until we were in the top five. Imagine what we could do if people knew about it.” She also added, “It just speaks volumes of how we are perceived in our community.”

 Apex High School is honored to have won this award and is proud of everyone who has made Apex High the amazing school that it is. It shows how we as Cougars thrive and can shine brighter. We will use this award as a motivation to continue improving and growing as a school and community. We hope to work towards this honor again and will remain PEAK all year long!

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