An Interview With Apex Athlete Kyler Froning

Kyler Froning, a sophomore here at Apex High, is really building his legacy this year. Not only does he run cross country and spring track, but he is also a part of the men’s wrestling team. Kyler has been wrestling for over a year now and seems to really love it. He first got his start when he was young, wrestling with his brother, so when his brother joined the team while Kyler was in 7th grade, Kyler decided to give it a shot when freshman year and has stuck with it ever since!


What is your name, grade, and sport that you are in right now?


“I’m Kyler Froning. I’m a sophomore, and I’m in wrestling.”


What inspired you to want to wrestle?


“[Me and my brother] have always enjoyed play fighting and wrestling, as well as watching it. He joined the team during my seventh grade year, and I joined after him when I got to high school.”


How long have you wrestled?


“I have wrestled for one and a half years now (Last year and this year.)”


What is the biggest difference between wrestling and any other sports you have done?


“The biggest difference is that wrestling is very hard. Practice is physically exhausting, and matches are the most tiring thing I’ve ever done. Don’t get me wrong, I also run XC and track, and they can be physically demanding and are certainly not easy. But wrestling is a different beast altogether.”



What has been one of the main challenges you’ve had to overcome?


“One of my main challenges I’ve overcome has got to be learning how to shoot. Wrestling is a very technical sport and matches are won by technique, not physicality. A shot is a way to initiate a takedown by taking a step towards your opponent, touching your knee to the ground, and going for his leg(s). I’m simplifying, and there’s a lot more to it, but learning how to take a competent shot takes time, and there’s still a ton I can improve on.”


What is the chemistry like between all of the guys on the team?


“The team chemistry is great! We’re one of the smallest teams, and there are no real divisions like offense/defense; there’s not even technically a JV team. So we’re all together during the wrestling season and get to know each other pretty well. We hang out too, especially to watch UFC fights together.”


If you weren’t wrestling, would you be doing any other sport this season?


“If I wasn’t wrestling, I would do winter [indoor] track. I run the other two seasons, so I wrestle in the winter instead. I love to do both.”


What are some likes and dislikes about the matches?


“Wrestling a match is one of the most fun things I do! It’s literally just a fight with rules. There are more rules than other martial arts, but at the end of the day, it’s unique in school sports. You are there to fight the other guy and he is there to fight you. It feels great to do, and I love it, but some things are very painful. It’s also incredibly exhausting. The first minute is comparable to a 5k at top speed.”


Kyler is an amazing representation of how hard work and dedication can get someone so far in High School. Kyler’s love for sports and strive to improve is a great way to look at your opportunities in High School. We wish Kyler the best of luck while continuing on in High School sports and hope that his dedication inspires many athletes to come.

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